Full access

Full access

Direct, 24/7 access to your personal doctor, physician assistant, and/or nurse.

Preventative care visits

Preventative care visits

Your annual physical exam and a medico-legal evaluation that is valued at more than the annual fee itself.

Discounted services

Discounted services

Exclusive, discounted pricing for all in-office services. Discounts are as much as 90-percent off traditional practice fees.

Monthly membership

Family discount available

“Since we’re self-employed, our only traditional health-insurance option was the Affordable Care Act. We looked into other options and were surprised when I learned that a medical-share plan combined with MyMD Select was less expensive than a family plan with traditional health insurance. That’s not to mention the additional savings we get from lower-cost labs, tests and preventative care services.”

Chris Miller, MyMD Select Tyler member

In-office services


Unlimited Office Visits$20
15–60 Minute Office Visits$20
Home Visits$50
Workplace Visits$50
Hospital Visits/Management$50


Complete Blood Count (CBC) $5
Complete Chemistry $5
Cholesterol Panel $6
Urinalysis $5
EKG Heart Testing $0
PFT Lung Testing $10
Breathing Treatments $5
Strep Test $5


Skin Biopsy
(not including pathology)
Joint Injection $50
Laceration Repair $50
Cryotherapy $25
IV Fluid Infusion $25

Additional Services

IV Therapy$100 – $339
Pellet Hormone Replacement$600/male
Body Contouring & Skin TighteningFree consultation 
PRP Treatment$550

Insurance FAQs

Don’t worry, we are here to look at your insurance options with you and help you decide the best path forward.

YES. In most cases you should. We can help advise you on what insurance coverage you should consider.

Not for your membership fee. But other expenses such as procedures, labs, Imaging can be submitted to your insurance for reimbursement. All plans are different so we can not assure you what your insurance company will do, but we are always happy to help you.

Yes. The services you receive can be expensed through your HSA. The membership fee is not eligible on a monthly basis. However we can use your HSA for an annual fee.


We partner with MyMD Connect to offer a wide array of health plans your employer can offer as benefits which include MyMD Select. Contact us for more information.