Frequently Asked Questions

Employer Plans


We partner with MyMD Connect to offer a wide array of health plans your employer can offer as benefits which include MyMD Select. Contact us for more information.

Payment and Insurance

Yes, you can opt in to a monthly automatic payment. For a full list of payment options, see our Pricing page.

Yes. The services you receive can be expensed through your HSA. The membership fee is not eligible on a monthly basis. However we can use your HSA for an annual fee.

Any expert medical advise that we can do in person or virtually is covered in the membership fee. Additional benefits of the fee are gaining access to our deeply discounted procedures, labs, Imaging and other highly specialized services at amazing prices.

Not for your membership fee. But other expenses such as procedures, labs, Imaging can be submitted to your insurance for reimbursement. All plans are different so we can not assure you what your insurance company will do, but we are always happy to help you.

No. Direct Primary Care services are NOT INSURANCE.

YES. In most cases you should. We can help advise you on what insurance coverage you should consider.


You still have 24/7 access to your medical team and the on-call physician with MyMD Select.

We limit the amount of memberships sold so that we can maintain the time to serve you in this higher access capacity.


Our app, which is available 24/7.

  • Call your primary location’s office during office hours
  • Come by in person – our doors are always open
  • For urgent matters, call us or 911.


Yes, we welcome patients of all ages for all medical issues. While you may maintain a connection with a pediatric clinic, we have Family Practice services that will allow us to see and treat children for most pediatric concerns, including preventative services that are covered under all health insurance plans, such as immunizations.

Emergency Care

In the case of an urgent need or emergency, simply call us or call 911.

If you have a procedure or other service that requires hospitalization, your MyMD Select physician will be your advocate and may attend to your case in the hospital to ensure the best and most efficient care is delivered to you. Our office will also handle scheduling and discharge planning on your behalf and will be in communication with the physician over your procedure or inpatient stay.

Sign up

Becoming a member is easy. 

1. Choose the office nearest you and tap the button to get started.

2. Complete the online form. You can enroll yourself, spouse and children all at once.

3. We’ll reach out to schedule your initial set of labs and your first, thorough visit with your doctor at your home clinic.

Still have questions? We’d love to talk with you. 

Patient Privacy

Patients of MyMD Select consent to the following policy:
(A printed copy is available upon request.)

MyMD Select - Doctor Examine a Patient

Family Medicine

We want to care for your entire family!

We offer continuing and comprehensive health care for the individual and family across all ages, genders, ailments, diseases, etc. Our team of medical professionals can handle it all, from newborns to seniors. And when a family member requires a hospital (surgery, etc.) we will point you in the right direction and be your medical advocate.