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Freedom to walk alongside your patients

Here you’re given the freedom to focus on your patients’ complete health journey:

  • No disjointed healthcare system
  • No impersonal processes
  • No unnecessary barriers

… because it isn’t the way healthcare should be.

Join a committed healthcare team

Since 2014, we’ve challenged the traditional healthcare model by treating the whole person – not just symptoms.

Satisfying work

Watch lives transform as patients learn what it’s like to pursue optimal health.

Appreciated and valued

Small company values and operate much like a family. Our employees are also our patients and enjoy free membership from day one. HRA, 401k, and other common benefits are offered.

Growth opportunities

Every employee has the opportunity to grow in responsibility, skill set, and compensation.

Personal team

We’re united in a shared purpose and mission: to heal patients, bring comfort, and watch people meet their potential.

Choose how you want to practice medicine

  1. Send us your information and resume. If you’re qualified, you’ll be contacted within a week to set up an interview.
  1. Interview. We’ll learn about your skills and goals.
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Change lives

We’ve been caught in the cycle as both physicians and patients: We’ve felt unwell but received no solutions. We’ve watched loved ones struggle. And we’ve been frustrated in our role as physician when we didn’t have the time or permission to understand our patients’ complete health.

It’s why we made a change. 

Since 2014, MyMD Select has challenged the traditional healthcare model by giving more than 10,000 patients direct, unhurried access to our medical professionals. Join us.

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Becoming a member is easy. 

1. Choose the office nearest you and tap the button to get started.

2. Complete the online form. You can enroll yourself, spouse and children all at once.

3. We’ll reach out to schedule your initial set of labs and your first, thorough visit with your doctor at your home clinic.

Still have questions? We’d love to talk with you. 

Patient Privacy

Patients of MyMD Select consent to the following policy:
(A printed copy is available upon request.)

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Family Medicine

We want to care for your entire family!

We offer continuing and comprehensive health care for the individual and family across all ages, genders, ailments, diseases, etc. Our team of medical professionals can handle it all, from newborns to seniors. And when a family member requires a hospital (surgery, etc.) we will point you in the right direction and be your medical advocate.